Our greatest need – love

As we find ourselves immersed in a deeply grieving nation it reminds me again of the importance of compassion and kindness to those, who we share this world with.

We are not born to hate, we are given life to seek harmony, connection and love. We are also born to seek value in our existence and the significance of finding this is more powerful than we appreciate.

It is our experiences through the people we meet, the experiences and behaviour of those we interact with that all shape us to become who we are.

As I have raised my children in different communities in the last few years, I have experienced more beauty and kindness in humanity than I believed existed.

The ability to find compassion for those who we find are different is something that we must all strive to do.

We acknowledge there is a thread of evil that slithers its way into this world and that resides silently amongst a minority. It often comes from a place of ignorance, a place of inherited fear of difference – and a place of non-acceptance into those that look, feel and think things differently. It also often comes from a discontentment of our own selves. Doing wrong unto others can be an act to increase one’s own self-value.

As we busily go about our days trying to earn money to accommodate our families, to climb the business ladder, to land that desired job or to pass that exam – do things with authentic compassion. Say thank you. Offer a compliment to someone for a job well done. Offer a smile to a stranger. It is the little things that can lift a spirit and help silence the negative thoughts that only too easily come visiting.

As you finish your day today and your reflection honestly gazes at you. Do you see the embodiment of peace, love, kindness and compassion? Did you live today by showing others the respect that they deserve? Did you acknowledge the value of someone today? Did you appreciate and give thanks to someone in your life today and make their world feel like a better place?

It takes an inner strength to reach out and show compassion. For whatever reason you can’t find this kindness, try searching again and cast away the dark shadows that cloud this innate embodiment of yourself. For it is there and resides in us all – we exist to love.

We are all born into this world today with the desire to live, to love and to seek contentment and value. We also one day will all leave this world with the experiences of a shared life together. May we be humble, may we be grateful and may we be kind.

Kia kaha

4 thoughts on “Our greatest need – love”

  1. If only this could be everyone’s truth. I hope for that day. Until then, I’ll just keep smiling at random people! Thanks for sharing. ❤


  2. So true Susie. We have such a huge capacity to love but have consciously created this dualistic environment where love sometimes seems hard to find and the fear creeps in. But during the most challenging of times , it’s love that will unite and heal humanity. And it’s the small acts of kindness that can make all the difference. I hope your kids at ok navigating all of this xo


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