Our greatest need – to be loved

As we find ourselves immersed in a deeply grieving nation it reminds me again of the importance of compassion and kindness to those, who we share this world with. We are not born to hate, we are given life to seek harmony, connection and love. We are also born to seek value in our existence… Continue reading Our greatest need – to be loved

Our A- Z on road trip survival

So we've pretty much got this road trip all wrapped up. We have lived together entirely each and every day for eight months and some. How on earth was this possible? Well, for the most part, we are a fairly mellow lot. The most challenging part of this adventure for me was keeping up with… Continue reading Our A- Z on road trip survival

Finding America

Writing about our road trip adventures in America fills me with a hefty obligation. How can I relay all the numerous experiences we've had? How can I possibly capture all those unique moments of our trip to ensure that they will be held in permanence in our memories, while also being of interest to those… Continue reading Finding America

Eyes wide open in Guatemala

Guatemala has become the country that has opened my children's eyes to the world of haves and have-nots. For me, it has become the country of volcanoes, amazing Mayan ruins, beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, coffee, cacao and the unforgettable waterfalls and pools of Semuc Champey. We also got to know one hospital particularly well.  … Continue reading Eyes wide open in Guatemala

Living the high life

After two months exploring the amazing ski resorts of California, Nevada, Utah,¬†and Colorado I have literally just come to the point where I have some time to reflect and write. I really didn't realise how busy this traveling was going to be. Unfortunately, the reason I have time is due to the fact we are… Continue reading Living the high life

Hello California

Road trip, here we come! We are finally on the road and can't wait for the adventure to unfold before us. The plan was to get up to San Francisco before we headed over to the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges to Truckee our first alpine destination. Our first night on the road we weren't going… Continue reading Hello California

America, we have landed. Los Angeles, USA.

The international travel goal we set several years ago has manifested itself by way of a 31ft RV and car in tow in the great nation of America. It's been two weeks into our journey and we have been blessed with wonderful friends who have been generous in so many ways. For a start Kyly… Continue reading America, we have landed. Los Angeles, USA.

Christmas at Whangamata, Coromandel Peninsula New Zealand

Reunited with our kiwi family and the come down after the big move. After a crazy journey packing up our home in Brisbane, letting it out on AirBnb, selling our cars, leaving our jobs and schools and saying our goodbyes to many friends we were mentally exhausted by the time we finally arrived in New… Continue reading Christmas at Whangamata, Coromandel Peninsula New Zealand